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WinTrader Buy Sell Signal Software Tag: accurate buy sell signals in nifty

The best and highly accurate buy sell signal software for MCX, NSE, FOREX, MCX SX, NCDEX, COMEX markets. Take our FREE LIVE DEMO to see the performance.

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WinTrader buy sell signal software benefits over TIPS provider

Benefits of WinTrader Buy Sell Signal Software Over TIPS Providers in India

How WinTrader Buy Sell Signal software benefits over TIPS providers for Intra-Day Trading? For look in to this matter, first you need to understand how these TIPS providers are giving TIPS for Intra-day trading call or BTST calls (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow)? Have you ever wonder about this? there are two kinds of TIPS providers, some are genuine and they using pure technical analysis to know the best opportunity to enter the trade of selected stock/commodity/currency pair, and they also look for news for the conclusion in their decision once they confirmed they will deliver the TIPS via SMS to their clients. But some others are only duplicating the SMS to their clients, they will have account with other genuine TIPS providers that we discussed first and when they get the TIPS from them, they will deliver to their clients through their SMS gateway, the client seems the SMS TIPS directly from the genuine TIPS providers while actually not, so without any effort they are making money while the client lose money. How these TIPS providers are using SMS gateways are working, See the below picture for better understanding. From the below picture you will get an idea about how these SMS been delivered to your mobile. In Intra-day trading the timely entry is must, because the market will move fast, suppose you are tied up with a genuine client, and they deliver the TIPS as per their technical analysis, do you think how much time it will take for reach that particular SMS in your mobile. You will get some idea by looking the below image, once a TIP been generated by their technical analyst it will have to gone through the below process until the TIP reach to your mobile. Once the Trade TIP confirmed, they will enter the Trade details…
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wintrader buy sell signal software

The Four Psychological State of Emotions to be controlled by Trader in FOREX, MCX, NSE Trading

Following are the four psychological states of Emotions to be controlled by a Trader while trading in Commodity/Currency/Strock Market, Greed Fear Hope Regret The above said emotions are common to all in daily life. But in case of trading in financial market, these emotions have most important in your success in trading. Before we talk about how to control these emotions, first we can have a look what these emotions means and how you can control these emotions and become a professional successful trader with the Award Winning and most accurate BUY SELL Signal Software WinTrader,   What is GREED in Trading? The greed in trading means, when you are in profit and you covered the enough profit, but you won’t exit the trade, you think that if you hold some more time then you will get more profit, this is called GREED and you are skipping away from your trading rule. The greed overlaid your mind from a professional trader to emotional trader and ultimately you will loss the trade. So whether you are a day trader/ positional trader you have to control your mind, this is the most difficult part for a trader, but you can control your emotion by believing your technical analysis software. WinTrader buy sell signal software will support and guide you for perfect buy sell entries and exit, you have to follow the rule of WinTrader buy sell signal software, leave your emotions behind and trust your best technical analysis software that is capable for best and accurate buy sell signals and entries. What about FEAR in Trading? FEAR is the state of emotions and situation vice versa of GREED. When unfortunately you suffered a small loss in your trade then you might caught FEAR if you not approach the trading in professional way and without…
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best intraday software for MCX, NSE, FOREX

Why you should become part of financial market as a part time Intra-Day trader in MCX, NSE or FOREX?

Everyone is looking for extra income because the current income couldn’t satisfy all their financial needs. So everyone is searching for additional income to meet up their financial needs and achieving their dreams. So the main doubt that everyone says that, How I can make Part Time Income without interrupting my current profession or Job? As you know some are taking tuition to students to make extra income, some are doing part time accounts work, like so many are doing part time job to seek extra income. But the main drawback lies in all these part time work are, it can generate only limited income. If you need more income you have to do business, business is the good way to make extra income and that too can increase in running time. But the main reason most people do not considering doing business for part time income is, business need your dedication, your planning and all these will consume your time and energy, So how could you invest more time in business after your current profession or job? I can suggest one industry that majority of people don’t care due to their ignorance or miss understanding is Financial Market. Trading in financial market, when you hear about trading in financial market many of people are afraid, because you might heard about many people’s bad experience in trading but you didn’t inquire about more details, why they are failed in trading in Financial Markets. And I am sure the main reason is they are approaching trading with a prejudgment that everyone can make money easily. If everyone can make money easily then there won’t be any poor people, all will be rich, but you know what actually is. So trading in financial markets have huge risk, but these risks always follow with the…
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professional trader with WinTrader buy sell signal software

Become a Professional Trader With WinTrader The Best BUY SELL Signal Software

From Amateur to Professional Trader with the support of WinTrader Software, the best and accurate buy sell signal software currently available in market   Everybody want to be a professional trader to make regular profit from trading in Commodities /  Currencies / Share markets, but majority of them fails and loss their hard earned money. The main reason behind this phenomena is lack of professional approach and considering trading is an easy way to make money, this is the main problem with traders who failed in trading. If you want to make serious money and regular income consistently from trading in trading in Commodities /  Currencies / Share markets such as MCX (India), NSE (India), FOREX, COMEX (USA), NCDEX (India), MCX SX (India) you have to change your approach to a professional. A professional approach is different with different professions, like if you are an online marketer, the professional approach means developing or acquiring good products with competitive price, and a professional web site with all technical support to list their products, doing marketing online or offline. So many things like this together making a professional approach for Online Marketer. Hope you will get an idea about what is about a professional approach. In simply a professional approach means gathering all information about their profession and using latest technology for the profession. Like in trading, you have a professional approach means, you have to understand the basics of trading and the markets you are going to trader, whether it is Commodity Market like MCX, NCDEX, COMEX or Share Market like NSE Stocks, NSE Futures (NIFTY, Bank NIFTY, etc), Options or Currency Market like FOREX, COMEX. The first and foremost think you have to understand the basics of trading with particular segment in financial market. I will describe all things by with an example…
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part time income in trading with wintrader buy sell signal software

Start making serious money in part time by trading in FOREX, MCX, NSE with WinTrader automatic buy sell signal software?

Start making money part time from trading with WinTrader Automatic Buy Sell Signal software   Majority of  people who are entering in trading are looking for a part time job to deliver a full-time income to achieve their financial goals and this is a useful approach with the current situation, because with the single source of income each person have limitations to achieve their financial freedom.  So it is consider trading as good part time job to make money from home. But you have to remember that entering in to trading without any proper knowledge is like suicide attempt, many people entering in trading with the gamblers approach, they are looking for quick money, this is totally wrong, you will lose your hard earned money in no time. A successful professional trader develops a different view of the world of money markets and their perspective will different than others. If you looking to make serious money from home by trading in Commodity/Share/Currency market, you need to have some home work. There is no easy way to make money from home. There are some easy things to follow to become a trader and to make money from home. You can make serious money from trading by using your part time, only you have to do is following simple steps. If you have a job and looking for trade as part time, prefer to trade in MCX, this is one of the major commodity exchange in India and for International clients it is prefer FOREX,  FOREX is the world's largest financial market trading with international currency pairs. The main key point of trading in MCX is the market will remains open up to 11.30pm/11.55pm and in FOREX its 24 hours from Monday to Friday, so a part time trader can choose a convenient time for trading. The…
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WinTrader buy Sell signal generating software

WinTrader BUY SELL Signal software performance in MCX & NSE

We are updating WinTrader BUY SELL signal software one week performance from 30-05-2016 to 03-06-2016 in MCX and NSE. The report collected from our different clients those who are using WinTrader BUY SELL signal software's latest Version V7.0 as their technical analysis tool. We have collected individual trade updates from our clients and put it in one report to show the performance of Wintrader V7.0. We have updated the trade report in SIX (6) commodities in MCX, the commodities are, Gold Silver Copper Crude Oil Natural Gas Nickel and 10 Future contracts from NSE as listed below, NIFTY BANK NIFTY STATE BANK OF INDI (SBIN) RELIANCE CAPITAL YEST BANK TATA STEEL ICICI BANK TATA CONSULTANCY ITC TATA MOTORS See the below table for the abstract trade report of WinTrader Buy Sell signal software Version 7.0.
Abstract Trade Report From 30-05-2016 To 03-06-2016 in Time Frame M5 No Segment Instrument Total No of Trades No of Trades in Loss No of Trades in Profit Loss in INR Profit in INR Net Profit/Loss in INR Status 1 MCX COPPER 12 2 10 1 450.00 10 500.00 9 050.00 Profit 2 MCX CRUDE OIL 13 2 11 2 300.00 20 300.00 18 000.00 Profit 3 MCX GOLD 16 3 13 5 800.00 48 800.00 43 000.00 Profit 4 MCX NATURAL GAS 11 4 7 2 875.00 16 125.00 13 250.00 Profit 5 MCX NICKEL 10 3 7 725.00 5 375.00 4 650.00 Profit 6 MCX SILVER 16 3 13 2 430.00 22 950.00 20 520.00 Profit TOTAL IN MCX 78 17 61 15 580.00 124 050.00 108 470.00 7 NSE NIFTY 5 1 4 1 923.75 5 816.25 3 892.50 Profit 8 NSE BANK NIFTY 5 1 4 1 920.00 8 872.50 6 952.50 Profit…
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learn to become professional trader with WinTrader BUY SELL Signal software

Why do traders are doing same mistake again in Trading?

Why do traders are making same mistake again and again and ultimately lose their capital in Trading? Do you ever think about why a trader failed to understand perfect buy sell signals and ultimately became lose in trading? Because a trader who is making regular loses in trading means he/she is repeating same mistake over and again. What are these mistake? How a trader can avoid these mistake and willing to wait for a perfect BUY SELL signal entries? The primary reason of a trader doing mistake again and again simply because of GREED, means many people coming in to trading whether it is Commodity/Share/Currency trading is for easy money. They mistakenly guided by some one or because of their ignorance they enter in to trading in believe that trading is an opportunity to earn money with out any work, and it will be easy money. This is the main cause a trader fails and losing all his hard earned money. With the above reason a trader who is looking trading in Commodity/Share/Currency should be avoided by Greed in Money. The money will come if you follow certain principles and rules. There are people making regular income from trading, but when compare to the losers, the successful traders are only about 5 to 10%. Means out of 100 traders only 5 to 10% are making regular income from trading and they approaching trading in professional way. So If you want to become a professional trader you need professional approach, a professional approach includes gathering technical knowledge is important, a technical tool to identify the trend and help you to make perfect buy sell entries and exits. Picking right tool for support in your trading is much important. Here WinTrader BUY SELL signal software comes as your premium support tool to make profit from trading…
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Stress Free Trading with WinTrader Buy Sell signal software

Stress Free Trading With WinTrader BUY SELL Signal sofware in MCX, NSE, FOREX

How to avoid Stress in your trading with WinTrader BUY SELL Signal Software? A trader’s success in trading directly related to how the trader find out a perfect and accurate buy sell signals to enter the trade and also exit the trade. Avoiding stress in your trading is most important thing to become a successful trader and get regular income from your trading, if you facing lots of stress, then you will not get a perfect opportunity for accurate buy sell signal entries and exits. As you all know trading is a profession that can earn good income with minimum investment compared to other business, but the risk is also there, when there is more income there will be more risk. This risk will be a huge stress for every trader especially in Day Trading to analyze the current trend and to know about when to enter a trade and when to exit, these all things have lot of meaning in stress within a Trader. For better understanding how much stress a trader will have when he/she in trading without any perfect and accurate buy sell signal generating software as his/her technical analysis software. See the above image, what you are seeing?  It is a screen shot of EURUSD, Whether you can find a good opportunity for perfect and accurate buy sell signals for when to enter the trade and exit, I am sure the above screen will give you more stress in your trading because you cannot find a perfect and accurate buy sell signals for taking trade, and that stress will lead you to total loss in your trading, and see the below image. You can easily understand what we are discussing about by comparing the first EURUSD Screen shot with the above screen shot of same EURUSD with same…
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Features of best buy sell signal software for MCX, NSE, FOREX, NCDEX, MCX SX, COMEX

How to Select Best and Accurate BUY SELL signal software in MCX, NSE, FOREX, NCDEX, MCX SX

Points to be noted before select an accurate buy sell signal software for MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX, FOREX, COMEX trading. There is lot of features need to be considered before selecting a good buy sell signal software for your trading in Commodity/Share/Currency Markets such as FOREX, MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX, COMEX. As you know the fact about traders, majority of the traders are losing their hard earned money in investment and only 5% are getting profit from trading, and think about these 5%, how much money they are getting from their trading? The answer is its considerable huge amount, all the others losses in trading will be benefited to these 5% traders. So what is happening in actual, what are these 5% following. In my word these 5% approaching trading as a professional way, but all the others 95% are approaching as gambling or it’s something like to get money easily. What are the professional approach needed in trading to become professional trader to make regular income from trading, there are lot of things, but the first and the most important thing is each and every professional trader has a good technical analysis software to guide them for perfect BUY SELL signals with proper exits, minimizing the lose trade and maximizing the winning trade is the key way to making consistent profit from trading. A good technical analysis software means it should give the most accurate buy sell entries with more than 90% accuracy. In my word a trader using buy sell signal software has proven results with more than 85% accuracy will give the opportunity to the trader to make consistent profit, if the trader follows the software as per the rule then at the month end its 100% the trader will be in profit with the use of…
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WinTrader V7.0 with advanced confirmation system for perfect buy sell signals with proper exit

WinTrader V7.0 the perfect and best BUY SELL Signal software currently available for Traders in India WinTrader V7.0 after its launch on August 2015, we are receiving positive feedback from our clients around the world, we are very happy with that majority of our clients satisfied with our FOUR LEVEL confirmation system that gives more than 90% accurate BUY SELL entry points and the BUY ZONE and SELL ZONE area detection, these features in version 7.0 is working fantastic according to our customer review of WinTrader V7.0 In this occasion we are happy to share the features in our current version WinTrader V7.0 and how this version act as a perfect technical analysis tool that give highly accurate buy sell signals in FOREX, MCX, NSE (Stocks/Futures/Options), MCX SX, NCDEX & COMEX markets. Main Features of WinTrader V7.0, the advanced and most accurate BUY SELL signal generating software for Commodity/Currency/Sharing Trading Zone detection: This feature easily shows you whether the generated BUY or SELL signal in correct zone for the first confirmation, that mean if BUY signal comes, then it should be in BUY ZONE and if SELL signal comes it should be in SELL zone. Trader can easily identify the zone when the signal generates with the text display on screen of WinTrader V7.0. Confirmation System: WinTrader V7.0 comes with FOUR LEVEL confirmation system, that will further guarantee every trader that the generated BUY SELL signal will have more than 90% accuracy. Once this confirmation system satisfies with the current trend, the trader can enter in to trade. Targets: WinTrader V7.0 plots FOUR level targets on screen, these targets are calculated with complex algorithm with past data and current data with major support and resistance level, and software displays FOUR LEVEL targets on screen. Each trader can book profit according to their…
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