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professional trader with WinTrader buy sell signal software


Everybody want to be a professional trader to make regular profit from trading in Commodities /  Currencies / Share markets, but majority of them fails and loss their hard earned money. The main reason behind this phenomena is lack of professional approach and considering trading is an easy way to make money, this is the main problem with traders who failed in trading.

If you want to make serious money and regular income consistently from trading in trading in Commodities /  Currencies / Share markets such as MCX (India), NSE (India), FOREX, COMEX (USA), NCDEX (India), MCX SX (India) you have to change your approach to a professional. A professional approach is different with different professions, like if you are an online marketer, the professional approach means developing or acquiring good products with competitive price, and a professional web site with all technical support to list their products, doing marketing online or offline. So many things like this together making a professional approach for Online Marketer. Hope you will get an idea about what is about a professional approach.

In simply a professional approach means gathering all information about their profession and using latest technology for the profession. Like in trading, you have a professional approach means, you have to understand the basics of trading and the markets you are going to trader, whether it is Commodity Market like MCX, NCDEX, COMEX or Share Market like NSE Stocks, NSE Futures (NIFTY, Bank NIFTY, etc), Options or Currency Market like FOREX, COMEX. The first and foremost think you have to understand the basics of trading with particular segment in financial market. I will describe all things by with an example considering a person who has no experience in trading and he started trading, so the below points might help you in your journey to become a professional trader.

  1. The trader selected trading in MCX exchange, MCX is India’s No 1 commodity exchange dealing with Metals, Energies, Agricultural Products etc. So the first thing the trader need to finalize is with commodity he/she is going to trade. As per my experience take 3 to 5 commodities for trading and that too has maximum liquidity.
  2. In MCX, I prefer trading in Copper, Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Nickel, I prefer trading in these four commodities, and I am sticking on that every time.
  3. The next step is how the points are calculating in selected commodities, because all the commodities are in Future contracts, need to know the lot size, the minimum point of movements, expiry date of the selected commodities. So the trader should gather all these basic information before starting trading.
  4. In trading, a trader makes profit in simple way, buy at low and sell at high. The difference between these sell value and buy value is your profit. Trading is a fast moving markets, the market will go only in two way, one is UP and other is DOWN. So the success in your trading lies in buy at low price and sell at high price. As a fresher/experienced trader how you identify when to enter a trade and exit a trade, for that you need a better technical analysis software that guides you with perfect buy sell entry points and exit.

See the chart below captured from live market in Copper in MCX exchange, and I am sure what your thinking, how I can enter a trader, where will be the perfect buy sell entries and how can I exit from a trade with profit.


The above image showing movement of Copper in MCX and the time frame is 5 minutes. In 5 minutes charts, one candle shows the movement of particular commodity’s in 5 minutes time. 5 minutes chart are mostly used by day traders, a day trader will make profit from small movements in a day, and he will not hold any position to the next day. And I am following day trading and using 5 minutes and 15 minutes time frame. By looking the above image I am sure you will get confuse, because the chart not guiding you for a perfect buy sell signals and exit point.

So look the chart below, its WinTrader V7.0’s screen in the same market Copper (MCX) 5 Minutes time frame. WinTrader is one of the best and accurate buy sell signal software and technical analysis software currently available for FOREX, MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX, COMEX trading.

the best and accurate buy sell signal software

The above image shows Screen Shot of WinTrader BUY SELL signal software version 7.0 in MCX Copper 5M time frame. The both images are showing same chart in same commodity and in same day and also in same time frame. By looking the above screen I am sure you will get clear idea what is the current market trend, and when you have to enter and exit.

WinTrader V7.0 will properly guide for the best buy sell signals and exit. The software designed in a way that it should easy to use and easy to understand, even a new comer should understand the software very easily. WinTrader Buy Sell signal software V7.0 displays FOUR LEVELS of target for exit the trade and also displays stop loss. A trader should immediately place stop loss after he enter BUY/SELL trade before put the target considering to protect the capital.

WinTrader BUY SELL signal software has proven technology and successfully using by traders all over the world for more than seven year and making regular income from trading. WinTrader Buy Sell signal software version 7.0 developed with most complex algorithmic calculation and with a golden ratio, it is like a patented technology of WinTrader BUY SELL signal software success journey in seven years and still continuing and making professional traders with consistent profits from trading all over the world.  WinTrader Software will be your best technical analysis software and give your perfect BUY SELL signals with more than 90% accurate signals that assures you 100% assured profit from trading per month.

Now I hope you understand the importance of a best technical analysis software that gives highly accurate buy sell signals with targets and stop loss. More details can be found with the below topics.

5.  The next and final point to take care to become a professional trader is DISCIPLINE. What does this means? Do you have any idea? Let me explain what I mean by discipline. As a day trader I am prefer to say this financial discipline in simple way from my experience in trading.

I already said I am trading in FOUR commodities in MCX, like COPPER, CRUDE OIL, NATURAL GAS & NICKEL. At the starting of my trading I am trading only in Mini Copper, Mini Copper means it has less lot size compared to COPPER. Where COPPER has lot size of 1000 Kgs , Mini Copper will be 250 Kgs, 1/4th size of main Copper. I started my trading with Wintrader Buy Sell signal software with Mini Copper, as it 1/4th size of Main Copper the risk also less. As a newcomer I have to study how to enter the trade in my trading terminal how to put stop loss, and how to put target, while studying all those thing with my trading terminal the risk is there, that is why I prefer trading in Mini Copper.

I started trading in Mini Copper for one month, once I got confident with my trading style with WinTrader Buy Sell signal software, I trade with Main Copper with one LOT, Slowly I added Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Nickel in my trading in Five Month.  After Five Months of successful trading I have increased the Lot Size to two in all four commodities. Currently I am trading in Five Lots in all four commodities, I am not over trading, I am strictly following financial discipline in all day when I am trading, and I am making regular income from trading. So approaching trading with a professional approach will guide you to make regular profit from trading to achieve all your financial goals with little investment proper planning that will make your future with financial freedom.

And I am describing because I am one of the first user of WinTrader Buy Sell signal software among seven traders around the world those are behind the development of WinTrader Buy Sell signal Software. Thanks for listening my words, and I am sure if you follow all the above mentioned simple rules with WinTrader Buy Sell signal software you can become a professional trader with consistent profit.

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