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Our team continuously develops new trading strategies for traders to take perfect Buy and Sell. We have a proven track record in increasing trader's profit margins.

WinTrader is one of the best selling & most accurate BUY SELL Signal software & trading systems all over the world, be a professional successful trader and make profit from trading.

WinTrader starts it journey from 2009, before there was no brand name, since initially the idea comes from a group of professional trader's discussion for a fast and effect trading systems that can easily identifies the trend with out any complex calculations and need to get perfect BUY & SELL entry points with Targets & Stop Loss. And with the support of programmers and the ideas from our traders we have developed a trading system for our own trading purpose. Once our traders were satisfied with the performance and accuracy we decided to put a brand name and market it, that is how the name WinTrader came. The back bone of WinTrader is a group of professional & well experienced traders, with the help of their experience in trading, our programming team developed WinTrader Trading Systems as one of the best and and most accurate trading systems and that can generate automatic and  highly successful BUY-SELL signals with Targets and Stop Loss. WinTrader Buy Sell signal system is designed in such a way that, it can be used by even a new comer can follow the trading system very easily with the support of our tutorial Videos and PDF presentations.


Be a part of WinTrader Global Team, say no to losses and make consistent profit from trading to achieve your goals in your life. We are happy to become a part of your success.

Our team of professional traders and programmers in the R&D Department consistently in research for a new trading system according to the changing markets strategies for best performing results with combining creative ideas with our vast experience in Commodity, Currency and Stock Trading. We can help you make a sustainable profit from trading with the help of WinTrader BUY SELL Signal generating software.

WinTrader now comes with Eight (8) version and one most valuable updates 8.1 under one pack, before seven years we had started with WinTrader V1.0, after the successful response from our valuable clients, we appointed a dedicated R&D team having professional traders and programmers have more than 11 years of experience and now we end up with our premium version called WinTrader V8.1 with Scanner 1.2. 



Successful Years with Eight Versions and Continuing...

More than 14500 Clients successfully using WinTrader Buy Sell Signal Software Globally.. and its continuing...

O U R    V I S I O N

The World's most accurate and user friendly Trading System and BUY SELL Signal Generating Software with great support to make traders to be successful professional traders with consistent profit.

WinTrader Supports all Global markets

Our software works on world renowned trading and charting platform called MetaTrader 4 using by more than 90% FOREX traders around the world. Some of the exchanges that WinTrader Supports are FOREX, MCX, NSE, MCX SX, NCDEX, COMEX


Some remarkable events our WinTrader Automatic BUY SELL Signal Generating Software went through.

May, 2009

WinTrader V1.0 Trading System has been launched on May 2009.

August, 2009

WinTrader V2.0 Trading Systems has been launched on August 2009.

March, 2010

WinTrader V3.0 Trading System has been launched on March 2010.

June, 2011

WinTrader V4.0 Trading Systems has been launched on June 2011.

May, 2012

WinTrader V5.0 Trading System has been launched on May 2012.

June, 2013

WinTrader V6.0 Trading Systems has been launched on June 2013.

August, 2015

WinTrader V7.0 Trading Systems has been launched on 12th August 2015.

May, 2018

WinTrader V8.0 With Scanner, New Trading Systems has been launched on 21st May 2018.

July, 2019

WinTrader V8.1 With Scanner 1.2, New Updation has been launched on 05th July 2019.