The Four Psychological State of Emotions to be controlled by Trader in FOREX, MCX, NSE Trading

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Following are the four psychological states of Emotions to be controlled by a Trader while trading in Commodity/Currency/Strock Market,

  1. Greed
  2. Fear
  3. Hope
  4. Regret

The above said emotions are common to all in daily life. But in case of trading in financial market, these emotions have most important in your success in trading. Before we talk about how to control these emotions, first we can have a look what these emotions means and how you can control these emotions and become a professional successful trader with the Award Winning and most accurate BUY SELL Signal Software WinTrader,


What is GREED in Trading?

The greed in trading means, when you are in profit and you covered the enough profit, but you won’t exit the trade, you think that if you hold some more time then you will get more profit, this is called GREED and you are skipping away from your trading rule. The greed overlaid your mind from a professional trader to emotional trader and ultimately you will loss the trade. So whether you are a day trader/ positional trader you have to control your mind, this is the most difficult part for a trader, but you can control your emotion by believing your technical analysis software. WinTrader buy sell signal software will support and guide you for perfect buy sell entries and exit, you have to follow the rule of WinTrader buy sell signal software, leave your emotions behind and trust your best technical analysis software that is capable for best and accurate buy sell signals and entries.

What about FEAR in Trading?

FEAR is the state of emotions and situation vice versa of GREED. When unfortunately you suffered a small loss in your trade then you might caught FEAR if you not approach the trading in professional way and without any technical analysis software. The FEAR emotion will lead you and you will afraid of big losses in your trade, so you will enter the next trade without any proper calculations or planning. If you enter the trade with the emotion of FEAR, whether you are day/short term/long term trader you dug a trap for yourself, and ultimately will lead to loss in your capital. Here your trade companion means; best buy sell signal software will help you to overcome this FEAR as in GREED. So you must avoid the emotions FEAR while in trading with the help of your best technical analysis software.

What about emotions HOPE in Trading?

The emotions HOPE has mixed means in your trading activities, you need hope to become a professional trader to make consistent profit from trading, but also the emotion HOPE some times will act like a trap in your trading. Let us look how the emotions HOPE will lead you in a trap to lose money in Trading. Now imagine, you entered a BUY trade and it got the FIRST TARGET, but you won’t exit but after the first target hit, market reversed and your Stop Loss level hit, but your mind will not allow to quit the trade in Lose, since you were in profit in some time before, and because and your didn’t quit, and now the STOP LOSS level hit, your mind won’t allow to quit because of the emotion HOPE, you hope that the market will coming back in your way and you will get profit. But what happens next, the market might not come to your way, you will have to suffer huge loss due to your emotions HOPE here. So depending a best technical analysis software in full is to get rid of the BAD HOPE. Because if you believe your technical analysis software you will know if I made loss, I can make profit in another trade with the support of best buy sell signal software.

What about emotion REGRET in trading?

From the above three emotions you could identifies what about the emotion REGRET. I will describe with one example as like before to better understand about the emotions REGRET in trading. Suppose a trader enter a trade and that didn’t make the target your trailing stop loss hit and you suffered a small loss, here you suffer with the emotions FEAR, but what we discussing about the emotions REGRET. Due to your FEAR you will not enter the next trade, but that particular trade made a good profit, but you were not entered the trade due to FEAR, and now what will be your emotions, can you say that? Now you suffer with the emotions REGRET, regret about that you didn’t enter the trade since the first trade became loss. And next what will you do, you will enter the next trade without any confirmation and ultimately you will added up lose in your capital. Hope you understood about what about the emotions REGRET, first the emotions guided you is FEAR and that FEAR lead you in to REGRET. How you can overcome these, the same thing we mentioned select your perfect partner in your trading, partner means it is not a person, it is a technical analysis software that will guide you  not to do anything wrong as like a partner in life.

Hope you will get a clear idea about what we were discussing, about the four emotions in our mind that might lead you to an unsuccessful trader. For those who all want to become a successful trader, whether you looking for Intra-day trading / short term trading  / long term trading you have to control the above four emotions. It is difficult to control the emotions in life, but in trading you can control these emotions by selecting a perfect BUY SELL signal generating software as your technical analysis tool in your trading. A best technical analysis software will work as your trade partner, and will guide you for perfect buy sell signal entries and exits and ultimately lead you in 100% profit making trader.

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