The best buy sell signals from WinTrader Trading System V7.0 for MCX, NSE, FOREX

wintrader the best buy sell signals in MCX, NSE, FOREX

The Best Buy Sell Signals Generating Software for MCX, NSE, FOREX Markets

WinTrader, the best Buy Sell Signals Generating Software and Trading Systems are developed by group of professional traders and it’s originated from USA. Currently WinTrader completed Seven (7) successful years with more than 7500 customers globally (as per the report on June 14, 2016) trading in Currency/Share/Commodity Market. Currently WinTrader software give most accurate Buy/Sell Signal in FOREX, MCX (India), NSE (India), MCX SX (India), NCDEX (India), COMEX (USA).

Currently WinTrader is one of the best buy sell signals software and accurate trading systems that can generate more than 90% accurate buy sell signals with proper exit. You can see the live performance of WinTrader Buy Sell signal software with our FREE ONLINE DEMO, and see how to pick perfect and best buy sell signals with advanced FOUR level confirmation in WinTrader Trading Systems.

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Some of the Key Features of WinTrader V7.0, the best buy sell signals generating software are,

  • Easily identifies range bound market, this will helps the trader not enter in range bound or choppy market
  • Buy / Sell Zone area detection, you have to take BUY / SELL signals according to this buy sell zone
  • Buy Sell signals with Alert message and Sound for all open scrips.
  • Advanced FOUR Level Filtering Systems assures highest accuracy and best BUY SELL signals.
  • WinTrader V7.0 will displays FOUR Level Targets generated with most complex calculation with past performance, assures the best target levels to exit the trade in profit.
  • On Screen display of the best Support/Resistance level as Stop Loss level (Trailing Stop Loss) to protect the trade by sudden movements.
  • Displays the Current Trend and Trend Strengths of your selected scrips on screen, trader can easily monitor the trends in his/her selected scrips on one screen.

WinTrader V7.0 suitable for the three categories of traders mentioned below

  1. Intra-Day Traders
  2. Short Term Traders
  3. Positional Traders

Intra-day traders will square off the positions on the same day; they will not hold position overnight. Intra-day traders are picking small profit from each trade, and they will do more number of trades per day, in this way they can increase their small profit per trade in to a big profit per day. Some Intra-day traders are doing scalping, scalping means making profit from small movements. WinTrader BUY SELL signal software support Intra-day traders. For Intra-day trading the trader must choose 1M, 5M or 15M time frame charts for Intra-Day trading and if you doing scalping 1 minute time frame is better. You can book profit and place stop loss according to WinTrader Buy Sell signal software displays. And if you are using 5M time frame for your trading, it is better confirm the trend in the next high time frame that is 15m. It is better give a look in higher time frame before taking position.

Short Term traders will hold the position to the next days and for a couple of week. The times frames are using by Short Term traders in WinTrader V7.0 buy sell signal software are 15M, 30M, 1Hr, 4Hr, you can do the same technique that we discussed for Intra-day traders, look the next highest time frame’s trend before taking positions.

Long Term trader will hold the position for month and up to years to make big profit from one single trade. The times frames are using by Long Term Traders using WinTrader software are D1, W1, Month time frames.

All the traders must place the stop loss as per the software suggests, this way you can protect your capital from a sudden move.

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You can contact our representative in India via the following contact numbers with the regional language mentioned on right side

  1. 9846 699177 (English)
  2. 9061 973737 (Hindi)
  3. 9061 308080 (Tamil)
  4. 9249 273612 (Malayalam)


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