How to Select Best and Accurate BUY SELL signal software in MCX, NSE, FOREX, NCDEX, MCX SX

Points to be noted before select an accurate buy sell signal software for MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX, FOREX, COMEX trading.

Features of best buy sell signal software for MCX, NSE, FOREX, NCDEX, MCX SX, COMEX

There is lot of features need to be considered before selecting a good buy sell signal software for your trading in Commodity/Share/Currency Markets such as FOREX, MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX, COMEX. As you know the fact about traders, majority of the traders are losing their hard earned money in investment and only 5% are getting profit from trading, and think about these 5%, how much money they are getting from their trading? The answer is its considerable huge amount, all the others losses in trading will be benefited to these 5% traders. So what is happening in actual, what are these 5% following. In my word these 5% approaching trading as a professional way, but all the others 95% are approaching as gambling or it’s something like to get money easily.

What are the professional approach needed in trading to become professional trader to make regular income from trading, there are lot of things, but the first and the most important thing is each and every professional trader has a good technical analysis software to guide them for perfect BUY SELL signals with proper exits, minimizing the lose trade and maximizing the winning trade is the key way to making consistent profit from trading.

A good technical analysis software means it should give the most accurate buy sell entries with more than 90% accuracy. In my word a trader using buy sell signal software has proven results with more than 85% accuracy will give the opportunity to the trader to make consistent profit, if the trader follows the software as per the rule then at the month end its 100% the trader will be in profit with the use of perfect buy sell signal software.

Following describes some features to be noted before selecting a good buy sell signal software for FOREX, MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX, COMEX trading to make regular profit from trading.


  1. The software should give automatic buy sell signals with alerts message and sound this will help the trader won’t miss the opportunity.
  2. And the Generated BUY SELL signals should be confirmed, because confirming the generated buy sell signals with other technical analysis gives highly accurate buy sell entries.
  3. The best buy sell signal software should gives proper exit, this is one of the key points in making profit from trading, the exit will be in two ways, one is Target and the second one is Stop Loss.
  4. The risk reward ratio considered to select good buy sell signal software is 1:2, this meaning Cutting loses trade to minimum and making winning trades to maximum to make consistent profit from trading, for this to achieve you need a buy sell signal software and trading system that give Trailing Stop Loss. Trailing Stop loss means, it will change according to the market movements, so in case of wrong trade you can minimize your risk in trader and can maximize your profit.
  5. A good buy sell signal software should easily identifies the current trend for Intraday trader. The software can able to display whether the current trend is UP trend or Down Trend or Range Bound.
  6. The buy sell signal software should be easy to use and easy to understand. Even fresher can easily identifies the trend of the market and trade like professional and making regular income from trading in Commodity/Share/Currency Markets.
  7. Selecting accurate buy sell signal software that provides 100% technical supports and periodical updates freely.
  8. The software need to be updated with the fast changing of market trends, so a good buy sell signal system provider must have a Research and development team to provide future updates free of cost or with minor up gradation charge considering R&D expenses.
  9. Seeing is believing, see the performance yourself, get to know how long are they in market, if they succeeded more year the software will be dependable, so no one can make sales with software has no accuracy, so the more they are in market the more you can believe them. And you have to ask them to provide FREE demo online or offline whatever the mode they provide, so you will get chance whether the software gives accurate buy sell signals with proper target and stop loss.
  10. Once you purchase the selected buy sell signal software, you need to get proper training about how to use the software and how to pick good buy sell signals and how to exit from trading.

By reading above 10 points, we hope if you are a trader or new comer in trading should have an idea how to choose an accurate buy sell signal software for your trading in FOREX, MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX, COMEX markets.

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