WinTrader V7.0 with advanced confirmation system for perfect buy sell signals with proper exit

WinTrader buy Sell signal generating softwareWinTrader V7.0 the perfect and best BUY SELL Signal software currently available for Traders in India

WinTrader V7.0 after its launch on August 2015, we are receiving positive feedback from our clients around the world, we are very happy with that majority of our clients satisfied with our FOUR LEVEL confirmation system that gives more than 90% accurate BUY SELL entry points and the BUY ZONE and SELL ZONE area detection, these features in version 7.0 is working fantastic according to our customer review of WinTrader V7.0

In this occasion we are happy to share the features in our current version WinTrader V7.0 and how this version act as a perfect technical analysis tool that give highly accurate buy sell signals in FOREX, MCX, NSE (Stocks/Futures/Options), MCX SX, NCDEX & COMEX markets.

Main Features of WinTrader V7.0, the advanced and most accurate BUY SELL signal generating software for Commodity/Currency/Sharing Trading

  1. Zone detection: This feature easily shows you whether the generated BUY or SELL signal in correct zone for the first confirmation, that mean if BUY signal comes, then it should be in BUY ZONE and if SELL signal comes it should be in SELL zone. Trader can easily identify the zone when the signal generates with the text display on screen of WinTrader V7.0.
  2. Confirmation System: WinTrader V7.0 comes with FOUR LEVEL confirmation system, that will further guarantee every trader that the generated BUY SELL signal will have more than 90% accuracy. Once this confirmation system satisfies with the current trend, the trader can enter in to trade.
  3. Targets: WinTrader V7.0 plots FOUR level targets on screen, these targets are calculated with complex algorithm with past data and current data with major support and resistance level, and software displays FOUR LEVEL targets on screen. Each trader can book profit according to their risk / reward ratio and trading style.
  4. Stop Loss: Protecting trader’s capital is the most important in trading, without proper stop loss the trader will be in high risk. So considering all these our research team developed and advanced Stop Loss system like Trailing Stop Loss. Trailing Stop Loss means the stop loss will change according to the movement of market. So the trader need to update the stop loss when ever WinTrader V7.0 displays new Stop Loss levels, this will assure each trader to get maximum profit with low risk in trading.
  5. Info Tool: Wintrader V7.0 screen shares with you two information tool called Trend Strength and Trend Info, this will guide you about your selected Commodity/Currency Pair/Stocks trend in one place, this is one of the useful information, traders don’t need to look each scrips every time, the trend will display at one place.

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Some of the Screen Shots of WinTrader V7.0 attached, click the below thumbnails for enlarged images.

WinTrader V7.0 Screen shot of perfect BUY Sell Signals


WinTrader BUY SELL Signals in NIFTY Future