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WinTrader Buy Sell Signal Software Tag: mcx buy sell signal software

The best and highly accurate buy sell signal software for MCX, NSE, FOREX, MCX SX, NCDEX, COMEX markets. Take our FREE LIVE DEMO to see the performance.

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technical analysis vs fundamental analysis in trading in forex, mcx, nse markets

Technical Analysis Versus Fundamental Analysis In Trading In Mcx, Nse, Forex Markets

Technical Analysis Vs Fundamental Analysis In Trading In Mcx, Nse, Forex Markets While technical analysis concentrates on the study of market action, fundamental analysis focuses on the economic forces of supply and demand that cause prices to move higher, lower, or stay the same. The fundamental approach examines all of the relevant factors affecting the price of a market in order to determine the intrinsic value of that market. The intrinsic value is what the fundamentals indicate something is actually worth based on the law of supply and demand. If this intrinsic value is under the current market price, then the market is overpriced and should be sold. If market price is below the intrinsic value, then the market is undervalued and should be bought. Both of these approaches to market forecasting attempt to solve the same problem, that is, to determine the direction prices are likely to move. They just approach the problem from different directions. The fundamentalist studies the cause of market movement, while the technician studies the effect. The technician, of course, believes that the effect is all that he or she wants or needs to know and that the reasons, or the causes, are unnecessary. The funda­mentalist always has to know why. Most traders classify themselves as either technicians or fundamentalists. In reality, there is a lot of overlap. Many funda­mentalists have a working knowledge of the basic tenets of chart analysis. At the same time, many technicians have at least a pass­ing awareness of the fundamentals. The problem is that the charts and fundamentals are often in conflict with each other. Usually at the beginning of important market moves, the fundamentals do not explain or support what the market seems to be doing. It is at these critical times in the trend that these two approaches seem…
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winners in trading mcx, nse, forex with best buy sell signal software

Winners and Losers in Trading Commodity/Share/Currency Markets a Comparison

Comparison of Mind Set in Professional Trader with Amateur Trader We come to the market from different walks of life and bring with us the mental baggage of our upbringing and prior experiences. Professional traders are making consistent profit from trading in Financial Markets like FOREX, MCX, NSE, COMEX, etc but most of us find that when we act in the market the way we do in our everyday life, we lose money.  Your success or failure in the market depends on your thought and feelings. It depends on you attitudes toward gain and risk, fear and greed, and on how you handle the excitement of trading and risk. Most of all, your success or failure depends on your ability to use your intellect rather than act out your emotions. So what are the mind set between a professional trader and an amateur trader who starting trading or loosing money in trading, a professional trader has the ability to control his mind while in trading rather than an amateur trader's mind set, a professional trader developed the winning mind set not in a day, its about practice and hard work. A trader who feels overjoyed when he wins and depressed when he loses cannot accumulate equity because he is controlled by his emotions. If you let the market make you feel high or low, you will lose money. To be a winner in the market you must know yourself and act coolly and responsibly. The pain of losing scares people into looking for magic methods. At the same time, they discard much of what is useful in their professional or business backgrounds. The Financial Market is Like an Ocean: It moves up and down regardless of what you want. You may feel joy when you buy a stock and it explodes in…
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traders question with best buy sell signal software


TRADERS NEED TO ASK MORE QUESTIONS FOR TRADING IN COMMODITY/SHARE/STOCK MARKETS like MCX (India), NSE (India), FOREX, COMEX (USA) The process of asking questions is what is needed in order to gain more knowledge in trading Commodity, Share and Stock Markets. The trouble is most traders do not have enough experience to know what the right questions are and how to do trading in professional way to make consistent profit. If you apply simple common sense, then you will be on a great start to learn how to identify investing or trading opportunities and find the right strategy to take advantage of those opportunities in Commodity, Share and Currency Trading. Some questions traders need to ask themselves include, just for starters: How much time do I have to dedicate to the markets? If I enter a day trade, do I have the time to watch this position, or do I have an appointment or meeting scheduled for that day? What are the possible out- comes of what I am about to do, based on what I have control over? Focus on what it is you want to achieve, write it out, and concentrate on that goal. Think of the consequences or possible outcomes of your actions so you will have a more balanced emotional reaction if the outcome is not as positive as you expected. Ask questions such as: Do market conditions warrant increasing or decreasing my position size? Are there reports coming out that may impact the market or my position? Are my entry and exit targets justified? If the market is so bearish, why won’t it go DOWN? If the market is so bullish, why won’t it go UP? Trading without asking questions or without probing leads to trading blindly or without a plan. It opens the door for destructive…
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start trading as a business with best buy sell signal software in India

Start Trading in Commodity/Currency/Share Market As a Business with best buy sell signal software

Start Trading as a Business with the Best Buy Sell Signal Software Majority of traders consider as trading a part time job or a chance to get rich quick, this is a trap ultimately those kinds of traders who enter with false mind set will definitely lose money. Trading in financial market need professional approach, it’s like you start your own business. As you know starting own business is a tedious task and need more investment and the risk also involves. But if you consider starting a business in trading in Stock/Commodity/share Markets need less investment with proper financial tool and knowledge. If you consider trading as a business like other business you need infrastructures to do the business, in trading we need the following thing Computer with multi monitor facility to watch different markets and charts Un interrupted Power line, preferably a UPS having 3 hours back up A high speed broadband internet with a stand by connection which can be useful if the main internet connection fails. You need a good atmosphere for trading, so it is prefer to have a good cabin/room for your trading, this is like your office. The last and the most thing need is better technical analysis software, technical analysis software means it will guide you for most accurate buy and sell signal entries and exits. Here WinTrader one of the best technical analysis software helps you in trading like your trade friend, WinTrader is an automatic buy sell signal software Commdities/Currencies/Share market like MCX (India), NCDEX (India), COMEX (USA), FOREX, MCX SX (India), NSE (India). WinTrader buy sell signal software developed with a group of professional traders and successfully using traders around the world for more than 7 years now. With its advanced custom coded indicators gives double confirmed BUY SELL signals in Commodity/Share/Currency…
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tips follow with best technical analysis sofware

Tips to follow in trading with best technical analysis software

WinTrader, The Best Technical Analysis Software for Commodity /Currency /Share Trading Welcome dear traders; I am very happy that you are here to read this blog about WinTrader, The Best Technical Analysis Software that gives more than 90% accurate buy sell signals currently available in market. I want to give you couple of tips that could help you to make consistent profit from trading in MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX, FOREX and COMEX Markets with the support of world's best buy sell signals and technical analysis software. The tips are derived in following three categories: Set a Daily Goal for your trading Take Action Be Motivated Set Daily Goal for your Trading You have to pre set the following things to become a successful trader with WinTrader Buy Sell Signal software. How much time you are going to invest in trading on particular day? In which segment and scrips you are going to trade? How many lot you are going to use in one trade? How much income you are expecting in that particular day? In worst case, you have to set the loss that you can afford on that particular day? By knowing all the above means you are well prepared for trading, Take Action By preparing all the above doesn't means you will make profit from trading or you are a professional trader, you need to act. What does this means? You have to pick the perfect buy sell signals with the help of WinTrader Technical Analysis software with the confirmation system, if the generated buy sell signals not confirmed by WinTrader Technical Analysis software you have to wait for the next signals for the confirmed buy sell signals. Once the generated BUY SELL signals confirmed by WinTrader Technical Analysis software you have to take action immediately by place the…
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wintrader v7.1 beta version released the 100% accurate technical analysis software

The Best Technical Analysis Software WinTrader V7.1 Beta Version Released for MCX, NSE, FOREX

WinTrader V7.1 (beta) Released, The Perfect Technical Analysis Software for Perfect Buy Sell Signals in Commodity/Stocks/Currency markets. After the release of Wintrader V7.0 on August 2015 we are proud to say that WinTrader is now one of the perfect buy sell signal generating and technical analysis software available in market for Commodity/Stocks/Currency trading using by more than 7500 traders all over the world in different financial market in different countries. And thanks for the supports and feedback given from our precious clients around the world, and we valued all our client’s feedback and we tried to update the same with Wintrader, and finally now V7.1 beta version released by resolving some minor bugs that our valuable clients pointed out by our research and development team and we are happy to say that our all clients will get update with the new 7.1 beta version freely as per our life time free update policy. We tried to contact all our clients through email regarding the new beta version release, if the clients are not received the email kindly contact your concerned sales person they will guide you to out tech department to update the 7.1 beta version free of cost.
WinTrader currently supports the following financial markets and knows as, The Best Technical Analysis Software for Commodity Segment COMEX (USA) MCX (India) NCDEX (India) The Best Technical Analysis Software for Stock Segment NSE Cash (India) NSE Futures (India) perfectly works on NIFTY & BANK NIFTY NSE Options (India) NIFTY and BANK NIFTY Options The Best Technical Analysis Software for Currency Segment FOREX (International Market) MCX SX (India) And we are adding up more International market to WinTrader Buy Sell signal software and trading systems. What Makes  WinTrader V7.1 (Beta), The best Technical Analysis Software gives…
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WinTrader buy sell signal software benefits over TIPS provider

Benefits of WinTrader Buy Sell Signal Software Over TIPS Providers in India

How WinTrader Buy Sell Signal software benefits over TIPS providers for Intra-Day Trading? For look in to this matter, first you need to understand how these TIPS providers are giving TIPS for Intra-day trading call or BTST calls (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow)? Have you ever wonder about this? there are two kinds of TIPS providers, some are genuine and they using pure technical analysis to know the best opportunity to enter the trade of selected stock/commodity/currency pair, and they also look for news for the conclusion in their decision once they confirmed they will deliver the TIPS via SMS to their clients. But some others are only duplicating the SMS to their clients, they will have account with other genuine TIPS providers that we discussed first and when they get the TIPS from them, they will deliver to their clients through their SMS gateway, the client seems the SMS TIPS directly from the genuine TIPS providers while actually not, so without any effort they are making money while the client lose money. How these TIPS providers are using SMS gateways are working, See the below picture for better understanding. From the below picture you will get an idea about how these SMS been delivered to your mobile. In Intra-day trading the timely entry is must, because the market will move fast, suppose you are tied up with a genuine client, and they deliver the TIPS as per their technical analysis, do you think how much time it will take for reach that particular SMS in your mobile. You will get some idea by looking the below image, once a TIP been generated by their technical analyst it will have to gone through the below process until the TIP reach to your mobile. Once the Trade TIP confirmed, they will enter the Trade details…
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wintrader buy sell signal software

The Four Psychological State of Emotions to be controlled by Trader in FOREX, MCX, NSE Trading

Following are the four psychological states of Emotions to be controlled by a Trader while trading in Commodity/Currency/Strock Market, Greed Fear Hope Regret The above said emotions are common to all in daily life. But in case of trading in financial market, these emotions have most important in your success in trading. Before we talk about how to control these emotions, first we can have a look what these emotions means and how you can control these emotions and become a professional successful trader with the Award Winning and most accurate BUY SELL Signal Software WinTrader,   What is GREED in Trading? The greed in trading means, when you are in profit and you covered the enough profit, but you won’t exit the trade, you think that if you hold some more time then you will get more profit, this is called GREED and you are skipping away from your trading rule. The greed overlaid your mind from a professional trader to emotional trader and ultimately you will loss the trade. So whether you are a day trader/ positional trader you have to control your mind, this is the most difficult part for a trader, but you can control your emotion by believing your technical analysis software. WinTrader buy sell signal software will support and guide you for perfect buy sell entries and exit, you have to follow the rule of WinTrader buy sell signal software, leave your emotions behind and trust your best technical analysis software that is capable for best and accurate buy sell signals and entries. What about FEAR in Trading? FEAR is the state of emotions and situation vice versa of GREED. When unfortunately you suffered a small loss in your trade then you might caught FEAR if you not approach the trading in professional way and without…
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wintrader the best buy sell signals in MCX, NSE, FOREX

The best buy sell signals from WinTrader Trading System V7.0 for MCX, NSE, FOREX

The Best Buy Sell Signals Generating Software for MCX, NSE, FOREX Markets WinTrader, the best Buy Sell Signals Generating Software and Trading Systems are developed by group of professional traders and it’s originated from USA. Currently WinTrader completed Seven (7) successful years with more than 7500 customers globally (as per the report on June 14, 2016) trading in Currency/Share/Commodity Market. Currently WinTrader software give most accurate Buy/Sell Signal in FOREX, MCX (India), NSE (India), MCX SX (India), NCDEX (India), COMEX (USA). Currently WinTrader is one of the best buy sell signals software and accurate trading systems that can generate more than 90% accurate buy sell signals with proper exit. You can see the live performance of WinTrader Buy Sell signal software with our FREE ONLINE DEMO, and see how to pick perfect and best buy sell signals with advanced FOUR level confirmation in WinTrader Trading Systems. CLICK HERE to register you free demo by today itself, and see the performance. Some of the Key Features of WinTrader V7.0, the best buy sell signals generating software are, Easily identifies range bound market, this will helps the trader not enter in range bound or choppy market Buy / Sell Zone area detection, you have to take BUY / SELL signals according to this buy sell zone Buy Sell signals with Alert message and Sound for all open scrips. Advanced FOUR Level Filtering Systems assures highest accuracy and best BUY SELL signals. WinTrader V7.0 will displays FOUR Level Targets generated with most complex calculation with past performance, assures the best target levels to exit the trade in profit. On Screen display of the best Support/Resistance level as Stop Loss level (Trailing Stop Loss) to protect the trade by sudden movements. Displays the Current Trend and Trend Strengths of your selected scrips on screen, trader can…
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best intraday software for MCX, NSE, FOREX

Why you should become part of financial market as a part time Intra-Day trader in MCX, NSE or FOREX?

Everyone is looking for extra income because the current income couldn’t satisfy all their financial needs. So everyone is searching for additional income to meet up their financial needs and achieving their dreams. So the main doubt that everyone says that, How I can make Part Time Income without interrupting my current profession or Job? As you know some are taking tuition to students to make extra income, some are doing part time accounts work, like so many are doing part time job to seek extra income. But the main drawback lies in all these part time work are, it can generate only limited income. If you need more income you have to do business, business is the good way to make extra income and that too can increase in running time. But the main reason most people do not considering doing business for part time income is, business need your dedication, your planning and all these will consume your time and energy, So how could you invest more time in business after your current profession or job? I can suggest one industry that majority of people don’t care due to their ignorance or miss understanding is Financial Market. Trading in financial market, when you hear about trading in financial market many of people are afraid, because you might heard about many people’s bad experience in trading but you didn’t inquire about more details, why they are failed in trading in Financial Markets. And I am sure the main reason is they are approaching trading with a prejudgment that everyone can make money easily. If everyone can make money easily then there won’t be any poor people, all will be rich, but you know what actually is. So trading in financial markets have huge risk, but these risks always follow with the…
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