Matured Traders are making profit in trading with accurate Buy Sell Signal Software

matured traders are making profit in trading with accurate buy sell signal software

Matured Traders are Making Regular Income from Trading FOREX, MCX, NSE, COMEX with World’s best buy sell signal software

Successful and matured traders are sharp, curious, and unassuming people. Majority of traders have been through losing periods. Successful and matured traders are self-assured but never arrogant. People who survive in the markets remain alert. They trust their skills and trading methods, but keep their eyes and ears open for new developments. Confident and attentive, calm and flexible, successful traders are fun to be with. Successful traders are often unconventional people, and some are very eccentric. When they mix with others, they often break social rules.

The markets are set up for the majority to lose money, and a small group of winners marches to a different drummer, in and out of the markets. Markets consist of huge crowds of people watching the same trading vehicles, mesmerized by upticks and down ticks. Think of a crowd at a concert or in a movie theater. When the show begins, the crowd gets emotionally in gear and develops an amorphous but powerful mass mind, laughing or weeping together. A mass mind also emerges in the markets, only here it is more malignant. Instead of laughing or weeping, the crowd seeks each trader’s private psychological weakness and hits him in that spot. Markets seduce greedy traders into buying positions that are too large for their accounts and then destroy them with a reaction they cannot afford to sit out. They shake fearful traders out of winning trades with brief counter trend spikes before embarking on runaway moves. Lazy traders are the favorite victims of the market, which keeps throwing new tricks at the unprepared. Whatever your psychological flaws and fears, whatever your inner emotions, whatever your concealed weaknesses and passions, the market will seek them out, find them, and use them against you, like a skilled wrestler uses his opponent’s own weight to toss him to the ground.

Successful traders have outgrown or overcome their inner demons. Instead of being tossed by the markets, they maintain their own balance and scan for chinks in the crowd’s armor, so that they can toss the market for a change. They may appear eccentric, but when it comes to trading they are much healthier than the crowd. Being a trader is a journey of self discovery. Trade long enough and you will face all your psychological handicaps anxiety, greed, fear, anger, and sloth. Remember, you’re not in the markets for psychotherapy; self-discovery is a byproduct, not the goal of trading. The primary goal of a successful trader is to accumulate equity. Healthy trading boils down to two questions you need to ask in every trade: “What is my profit target?” and “How will I protect my capital?” A good trader accepts full responsibility for the outcome of every trade. You cannot blame others for taking your money. You have to improve your trading plans and methods of money management. It will take time, and it will take discipline.

Matured Trader’s Discipline

Many new traders expect to sit in front of their screens and make easy money day trading. They skip high school and head straight for neurosurgery. Discipline is necessary for success in most actions, but especially in the markets because they have no external controls. You have to watch yourself because no one else will, except for the margin clerk. You may put on the stupidest and self-destructive trades, but as long as you have enough money in your account, no one will stop you. No one will say hold on, wait, think what you’re doing! Your broker will repeat your order to confirm he got it right. Once your order hits the market, other traders will scramble for the privilege of taking your money. Most fields of human endeavor have rules, yardsticks, and professional bodies to enforce discipline. No matter how independent you feel, there is always some agency looking over your shoulder. If a doc- tor in private practice starts writing too many prescriptions for pain killers, he will soon hear from the health department. Markets impose no restrictions, as long as you have enough equity. Adding to losing positions is similar to overprescribing narcotics, but nobody will stop you. As a matter of fact, other market participants want you to be undisciplined and impulsive. That makes it easier for them to get your money. Your defense against self-destructiveness is discipline. You have to set up your own rules and follow them in order to prevent self-sabotage. Discipline means designing, testing, and following your trading system which can give highly accurate buy sell entry points. So the most important part to the way to become matured trader while in trading involves setting up a record keeping system.

Matured Trader’s Record-Keeping Behavior

Good traders keep good records. They keep them not just for their accountants but as tools of learning and discipline. If you do not have good records, how can you measure your performance, rate your progress, and learn from your mistakes? Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. When you decide to become a trader, you sign up for an expensive course. By the time you figure out the game, its cost may equal that of a college education, only most students never graduate-they drop out and get nothing for their money except for memories of a few wild rides.

Whenever you decide to improve your performance in any area of life, record keeping helps. If you want to become a better runner, keeping records of your speeds is essential for designing better workouts. If money is a problem, keeping and reviewing records of all expenditures is certain to uncover wasteful tendencies. Keeping conscientious records turns a spotlight on a problem and allows you to improve. Becoming a good trader means taking several courses – psychology, technical analysis, and money management. Each course requires its own set of records. You’ll have to score high on all three in order to graduate. Your first essential record is a spreadsheet of all your trades. You have to keep track of entries and exits, slippage and commissions, as well as profits and losses. Traders fail because of impatience and lack of discipline. Good records set you apart from the market crowd and put you on the road to success

Matured Traders Training for Battle

How much training you need depends on the job you want. If you want to be a janitor, an hour of training might do. Just learn to attach a mop to the right end of the broomstick and find a pail without holes. If, on the other hand, you want to fly an airplane or do surgery, you’ll have to learn a great deal more. Trading is closer to flying a plane than to mopping a floor, meaning you’ll need to invest a lot of time and energy in mastering this craft.

Pilots and doctors learn from instructors who impose discipline on them through tests and evaluations. Private traders have no external system for learning, testing, or discipline. Our job is hard because we must learn on our own, develop discipline, and test ourselves again and again in the markets. When we look at training for pilots and doctors, three features stand out. They are the gradual assumption of responsibility, constant evaluations, and training until actions become automatic. Let us see whether we can apply them to trading.

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