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WinTrader Buy Sell Signal Software Tag: buy sell signal software with high accuracy

The best and highly accurate buy sell signal software for MCX, NSE, FOREX, MCX SX, NCDEX, COMEX markets. Take our FREE LIVE DEMO to see the performance.

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winners in trading mcx, nse, forex with best buy sell signal software

Winners and Losers in Trading Commodity/Share/Currency Markets a Comparison

Comparison of Mind Set in Professional Trader with Amateur Trader We come to the market from different walks of life and bring with us the mental baggage of our upbringing and prior experiences. Professional traders are making consistent profit from trading in Financial Markets like FOREX, MCX, NSE, COMEX, etc but most of us find that when we act in the market the way we do in our everyday life, we lose money.  Your success or failure in the market depends on your thought and feelings. It depends on you attitudes toward gain and risk, fear and greed, and on how you handle the excitement of trading and risk. Most of all, your success or failure depends on your ability to use your intellect rather than act out your emotions. So what are the mind set between a professional trader and an amateur trader who starting trading or loosing money in trading, a professional trader has the ability to control his mind while in trading rather than an amateur trader's mind set, a professional trader developed the winning mind set not in a day, its about practice and hard work. A trader who feels overjoyed when he wins and depressed when he loses cannot accumulate equity because he is controlled by his emotions. If you let the market make you feel high or low, you will lose money. To be a winner in the market you must know yourself and act coolly and responsibly. The pain of losing scares people into looking for magic methods. At the same time, they discard much of what is useful in their professional or business backgrounds. The Financial Market is Like an Ocean: It moves up and down regardless of what you want. You may feel joy when you buy a stock and it explodes in…
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wintrader buy sell signal software

The Four Psychological State of Emotions to be controlled by Trader in FOREX, MCX, NSE Trading

Following are the four psychological states of Emotions to be controlled by a Trader while trading in Commodity/Currency/Strock Market, Greed Fear Hope Regret The above said emotions are common to all in daily life. But in case of trading in financial market, these emotions have most important in your success in trading. Before we talk about how to control these emotions, first we can have a look what these emotions means and how you can control these emotions and become a professional successful trader with the Award Winning and most accurate BUY SELL Signal Software WinTrader,   What is GREED in Trading? The greed in trading means, when you are in profit and you covered the enough profit, but you won’t exit the trade, you think that if you hold some more time then you will get more profit, this is called GREED and you are skipping away from your trading rule. The greed overlaid your mind from a professional trader to emotional trader and ultimately you will loss the trade. So whether you are a day trader/ positional trader you have to control your mind, this is the most difficult part for a trader, but you can control your emotion by believing your technical analysis software. WinTrader buy sell signal software will support and guide you for perfect buy sell entries and exit, you have to follow the rule of WinTrader buy sell signal software, leave your emotions behind and trust your best technical analysis software that is capable for best and accurate buy sell signals and entries. What about FEAR in Trading? FEAR is the state of emotions and situation vice versa of GREED. When unfortunately you suffered a small loss in your trade then you might caught FEAR if you not approach the trading in professional way and without…
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FOREX Weekly Economic Calendar for Jun 05, 2016 to Jun 11, 2016

Below you will find a list of economic events for the week ahead (June 05,2016 to June 11,2016) - economic events can have a direct effect on volatility which may affect your trading.
(Timezone: GMT 0.0, DST off) Date Country Event Impact Previous Consensus Sunday Jun 05, 00:00 Denmark  Constitution Day Sunday Jun 05, 01:00 Colombia  Consumer Price Index (MoM) Low 0.50% Sunday Jun 05, 01:00 Colombia  Consumer Price Index (YoY) Low 7.93% Monday Jun 06, 00:00 Colombia  Sacred Heart Monday Jun 06, 00:00 Ireland  June Holiday Monday Jun 06, 00:00 South Korea  Memorial Day Monday Jun 06, 00:00 New Zealand  Queen's Birthday Monday Jun 06, 00:00 Sweden  National Day Monday Jun 06, 01:00 Australia  TD Securities Inflation (YoY) Medium 1.50% Monday Jun 06, 01:00 Australia  TD Securities Inflation (MoM) Medium 0.10% Monday Jun 06, 01:30 Australia  ANZ Job Advertisements Low -0.80% Monday Jun 06, 06:00 Germany  Factory Orders s.a. (MoM) Low 1.90% -0.60% Monday Jun 06, 06:00 Germany  Factory Orders n.s.a. (YoY) Low 1.70% Monday Jun 06, 07:00 Austria  Wholesale Prices n.s.a (MoM) Low 0.80% Monday Jun 06, 07:00 Austria  Wholesale Prices n.s.a (YoY) Low -4.70% Monday Jun 06, 07:00 China  Foreign Exchange Reserves (MoM) Low ¥3.219 Monday Jun 06, 08:30 European Monetary Union  Sentix Investor Confidence Low 6.2 7 Monday Jun 06, 09:00 Spain  House Price Index (QoQ) Low 0.30% Monday Jun 06, 09:30 European Monetary Union  Targeted LTRO High 7.3 Monday Jun 06, 11:30 Chile  IMACEC Low 2.10% Monday Jun 06, 12:00 Russia  Consumer Price Index (MoM) Low 0.40% Monday Jun 06, 13:00 Mexico  Consumer Confidence Low 88.9 Monday Jun 06, 13:00 Mexico  Consumer Confidence s.a Low 89.4 Monday Jun 06, 14:00 United States  Labor Market Conditions Index Medium -0.9 Monday Jun 06, 15:30 United States  3-Month Bill…
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Weekly performance update of WinTrader from 23-05-2016 to 27-05-2016

Report WinTrader V7.0 the best and accurate buy sell signal software in India for MCX & NSE We are pleased to update WinTrader V7.0's  weekly performance report as below. Abstract Trade Report From 23-05-2016 To 27-05-2016 in Time Frame M5 No Segment Instrument Total No of Trades No of Trades in Loss No of Trades in Profit Loss in INR Profit in INR Net Profit/Loss in INR Status 1 MCX COPPER 14 5 9 3 200.00 10 800.00 7 600.00 Profit 2 MCX CRUDE OIL 9 2 7 1 700.00 10 600.00 8 900.00 Profit 3 MCX GOLD 16 2 14 4 700.00 49 900.00 45 200.00 Profit 4 MCX NATURAL GAS 11 3 8 2 250.00 11 750.00 9 500.00 Profit 5 MCX NICKEL 16 5 11 1 450.00 6 225.00 4 775.00 Profit 6 MCX SILVER 14 3 11 2 940.00 18 000.00 15 060.00 Profit TOTAL IN MCX 80 20 60 16 240.00 107 275.00 91 035.00 7 NSE NIFTY 5 1 4 1 230.00 9 341.25 8 111.25 Profit 8 NSE BANK NIFTY 5 0 5 0.00 11 946.00 11 946.00 Profit 9 NSE STATE BANK (SBIN) 5 0 5 0.00 22 900.00 22 900.00 Profit 10 NSE RELIANCE CAPITAL 5 0 5 0.00 28 350.00 28 350.00 Profit 11 NSE YES BANK 5 2 3 6 090.00 12 705.00 6 615.00 Profit 12 NSE TATA STEEL 5 1 4 4 100.00 23 500.00 19 400.00 Profit 13 NSE ICICI BANK 5 1 4 2 380.00 13 940.00 11 560.00 Profit 14 NSE TATA CONSULTANCY 5 0 5 0.00 10 630.00 10 630.00 Profit 15 NSE ITC 5 0 5 0.00 25 120.00 25 120.00 Profit 16 NSE TATA MOTORS 5 0 5 0.00 18 525.00 18 525.00 Profit TOTAL IN NSE 50 5 45 13 800.00 176…
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Buy sell Signal Software PIP Calculation in FOREX

How to calculate PIP Value in FOREX Currency Trading?

PIP stands for (Price Interest Point). For calculating PIP value of selected currency pair, first need to know in which category your selected currency pair comes.  In FOREX trading there are two currencies included and its called Currency PAIRS.   These currency pair symbols are came from their three letter ISO symbols like USD, JPY, GBP, etc. FX Currency Pair contains two currencies. The first currency called "Base Currency " and second one called "Quote Currency". The value of  currency pair in FOREX Trading means the value of Base Currency in the Quoted Currency. For Example EUR/USD has value 1.11710 means 1 EUR = 1.11710 USD. Following are the three category you must know to calculate the PIP value of your selected currency pair. 1. Direct Rates In the currency pair, the Quote Currency (Second Currency) will be USD called Direct Rates. For example EUR/USD, GBPUSD, AUD/USD, etc. Following are the calculation for Currency Pairs in direct rates category. The formula for calculating PIP value in Direct Rates is, PIP = Lot Size x  Tick Size The standard size of a Lot is 100,000 and Tick Size means smallest possible change in Price. Below shows an example of calculating One PIP value for One Lot of EURUSD currency pair. 1 PIP = 100,000 (Lot Size) x 0.0001 (Tick Size) = 10USD. Example: 1 Lot of EUR/USD Buy @ 1.1175 and Sell @ 1.1180 Calculating Proft/Loss in direct rates is calculated as below, Profit/Loss = Sell Price -  Buy Price 1.1180 (Sell Price) - 1.1175 (Buy Price) = 0.0005  (P/L) = 5 PIPS Profit One PIP in One Lot of EURUSD = 10 USD So the above trading gives 5  PIP x 10 USD = 50USD Profit. 2. Inirect Rates In the currency pair, the Base Currency (First Currency) will be USD called Indirect…
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